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Waleed Abd El Rahman Al Bagoury (Managing Partner)

The “Bin Shafar Contracting Co.,(LLC)” was created since 2003 with a vision to extend contractual services in the field of Construction in order to better serve the large pool of the clients ,Here we at “Bin Shafar Contracting Co.,(LLC)” mould the peoples aspirations, dreams, imaginations and bring them into a real physical entity.

We being the catalyst between the imagination and reality require a great deal of determination, zeal, and fine resource management skills to make imaginary projects into real. Thanks to God, we have been fortunate to contain all those qualities which are a key element in our success. Within the short span of time since its establishment, we grown deep rooted in our chosen area of discipline and achieved steady, gradual escalation in company’s progress. Despite being the stiff competitive market climate among the company’s, we emerged successful on our own strength, because of our careful attendance of the clients’ requirements, satisfaction and best quality constructional practices, in time deliverance, careful resource management.

At Bin shafar Contracting we maintain professionally qualified engineers, qualified foreman’s, technicians and helpers, we use the best industry standard construction machinery to execute our projects and for material management we have purchase and store DEPT.s ready to meet any kind of projects situational requirements. This all gives us the strength and ability to keep the projects momentum on scheduled path of steady progress. Conclusively I would like to take this opportunity to thank our corporate heads, clients, consultants and staff for extending their continued support and help in company’s success.

I wish to deeply thank Mr.Mohd.saif bin Mohd.Shafar founder and chairman of the group for his wise and elderly guidance, and Mr.Saeed mohd saif bin Shafar for his enduring and valiant support through out the company’s success path.

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